Who We Are

Echo Paints is a paint manufacturer specialized in complement paint coating. We started our production in 1985, and since our foundation we have continued our quest to create unmatched paints.
Echo Paints offers a wide variety of compliant industrial coatings for almost all applications.
Our multi-purpose coatings offer a wide range of low VOC and Eco-friendly products that serve industrial maintenance coatings.
We have the right product systems and solutions that meet the demanding standards of the architectural and construction industry .
Composing our paint are high quality pigment rich resin binders, that create a high immersive depth of color. Our pigment is imported from international raw material suppliers from (USA, Holland, Spain, UK , Korea, Germany and France).
Echo Paints manufactures and supplies paints and coatings for the decorative market, industries, as well as offshore and marine environments. A reputation built over more than 30 years For over 32 years Echo Paints has built a strong reputation for its innovative products and superior customer service. We have grown constantly over the years through embracing diversity and quickly adapting to new market demands.
A commitment to superior innovation and service Echo Paints high standards of local technical services are backed by the resources of a group of professionals and technicians committed to ensuring the excellence, quality, and value of the product.
A range of topcoats that outshine other topcoats Each generic type of topcoat provides different benefits. Within each generic type a choice of coating can further refine the opportunity to achieve the optimum solution. our range of topcoats meets the widest spectrum of customer requirements.
ECHO Multi-color Industry Echo Multi-color Industry offers coating suppliers opportunities to improve their competitiveness and efficiency, raising standards and speed of service,using our product that is characterized by its high resistance to the Natural factors and UV radiations. Products Echo Paints manufactures a diverse range of Eco-friendly, protective, water borne and solvent borne coatings ...

Echo company strives constantly for advancement and development. We believe strongly that a good reputation and locality are essential keys for success. That's why we do our best to satisfy our clients and achieve excellence in our services by providing the highest quality of product to meet the customer's desires. Moreover, we always seek to learn from our experience besides to other international experiences to fulfill the creativity and development of our business.

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